who am i?

I am and I do many thingsā€¦

My focus the last few years has been on the studies of Metaphysics, specifically Hermeticism and Esoteric studies, however these are all merely facets of my entirety. My history and my life has been nothing short of experiential and what some might call “colourful and peculiar”. 

Life has taken me many places and through these experiences I have learned a lot – about the world, people, myself and my joys and passions. Sharing this knowledge and wisdom that I have cultivated in my life is my greatest passion.

A lot has happened between then and now

Combining my life experience and love for metaphysics I have found my joy as a Healer and Ritual Master in the lineage of King Solomon, helping others to find their unique path to deepening their knowledge of self. Through my own path of self discovery I have come to take responsibility for all things in my life in hopes that I may serve as a beacon of light reminding others of what is possible.

To Know Thyself is the motto of the Modern Mystery School. 

The Modern Mystery School has an unbroken lineage that traces back 3,000 years, to the time of King Salomon, and can be traced further through oral tradition to the time of Hermes, 8,000 years ago. The Modern Mystery School offers teachings, healings, classes and programs that assist in coming into a state of truly knowing oneself. Through the exploration of metaphysics and esoteric studies the initiate embarks on a journey of self discovery so they may come to find their true purpose.

I am Samantha.